Training day downloads

PTB 2019 downloads (don’t forget to return to this page!)


* Sponsors & Exhibitors – (click here)

* Children’s Ministry Network (WA) website – (click here)



* Dr Pina Ford (Keynote opening message) – The Good Shepherd


* Reaching pre-teens – David Goodwin elective (see also Powerpoints below)


* Resilience – David Goodwin combined training session (see also Powerpoints below)


* Powerpoints – David Goodwin (Kidsreach)  (click here): Building Resilience & Reaching pre-teens Powerpoints


* Parables of the Lost and Found – Pina Ford PTB2019 Elective session


* Top 10 issues (Q&A) plus wrap up by Pina Ford



* Links to multiple kids ministry resources: (click here)

* Treasure Chest: 27 free resource newsletters from CMNWA

* Program Fillers – list of quick games and fillers that can be used in your kids program. Similar to the Justin Case demo games seen at PTB2019.