50 minutes each elective.

Select one from each session – required when registering.
(subject to availability – especially F & L)

Session 1. (11.05am)

A. Reaching Pre-Teens: David Goodwin (Kidsreach)

It is the in-between kids in church, the pre to early teens that we are losing. Many ‘tweenagers’ stop attending church and most do not come back. So how do we keep our pre-teens and create an environment where they connect with Jesus?

B. Biblical Timeline and how it works: Meredith van der Klip

Learn how to teach children a timeline of the whole Bible in a term and how to use it with them in every session thereafter, using commercially available and homemade timelines.

C. Eco Church – God and the Environment: Helen Manley

What does creation tell us about God? Take a new look at Genesis, Psalms and The Parables to see what the bible tells us about the environment and how our relationship with it affects our relationship with God.

D. Discipleship for Today: Nikola Lewis (Girls Brigade)

Are there still disciples today, or is that just a good story to tell children about? As we encounter Jesus in our lives how can we engage with others and expand Gods’ kingdom here on earth?

E. Teaching Tips: Sue Richards (Child Evangelism Fellowship)

Practical ideas to help you be more effective in running your programmes; with loads of giveaways.

F. I Need Help! – using Media: Brad Gurney (maximum 13)

A practical session using computers in the Media Lab. An introduction to computer literacy and internet searching using YouTube clips, Pinterest craft, Bible Gateway suitable for kids sunday school lessons and preparation for the lessons. Take a look at Max7.org and inserting into a powerpoint.


Session 2. (2.00pm)

 G. Echo Pantomime: Damian Doyle

This workshop will explore a way of telling Scripture stories using Echo Pantomime. The workshop will be a very practical, hands on introduction to a form of drama that you will find exciting, engaging and educational.

H. Messy Church: Victoria Carlton and Katrina Holgate

 A church experience with a difference. We will explore a biblical theme through hands on creative fun. Join us for a ‘snap shot’ of a typical Messy Church event, dare to let your inner child out.

I. Spreading the Gospel with Balloons: Narelle Fouche

A colourful and creative way to bring lessons to life.  Learn to manipulate balloons with hands-on experience and learn how to build your repertoire of sculptures and stories.

J. Finding the Essentials for Ministry in the Parables of the Lost and Found: Pina Ford

The well-known parables at the heart of Luke’s Gospel (15:1-32) are foundational to Christian belief. But what and who is there yet to find in these parables that would enhance our own faith and our ministry with children?

K. Engaging Children and Families: Barb Totterdell

We long to see children and families grow in their relationship with Jesus, connect with our church communities and reach out together in mission. Hear a range of ideas and explore how these might work.

L. I Need Help! – using Media: Brad Gurney (maximum 13)

This is a repeat of elective F. See above for details.