Register Online

Concession: refers to delegates who are under 21 y.o. or those who are on a Government pension

There are no group registration discounts this year. Where you are registering multiple delegates, just register and pay for them as separate registrations. Don’t forget to LOGOUT after each online session (essential when registering multiple delegates)

You can either start a new registration or re-open an existing registration:
* To Start a new registration – click here:
 Individual registration (non-concession person)
   2. Concession registration (under 21yo or pensioner)
  Note: You can add electives and lunch ($12) within the registration process

. Note:  Keep a record of your ID (e.g. R100-***-***) and Password/Access Code

* To Re-open an existing registration – click here: to change or complete an individual registration that has already been started.
(You will need the registration ID (e.g. R100-***-***) and Password/Access Code that you received when you first registered