50 minutes each elective.

Select one from each session – required when registering.
(subject to availability)

Session 1. (1.10pm)

A. Bible Storytelling – Sally Howe

We know story is important, and that knowing God’s Story and where we belong in it is essential for our children’s life of faith. As well as exploring some helpful skills, this workshop will look at how our storytelling will benefit greatly from firstly being impacted by the Bible story ourselves.

B. Helping Children Cope with Grief – David Goodwin

Having supportive adults to stand alongside them during times of grief can make a big difference to how well they cope.  In this workshop, we will give an understanding of the grieving process as it relates to children and then practical things that adults can do to make a difference.

C. “Help – the church is killing me!” – Rob and Karen Furlong

We will talk about how to live within your limits, the importance of a contemplative spiritual life, the problem of ‘mad church disease’ and the things we may need to quit in order to live spiritually and emotionally mature lives.

D. Lord I Love Them But They’re Driving me Nuts!’ – YouthCARE

This lively and practical workshop will explore effective ways to handle discipline and reveal successful behavior-management tricks and tips. If you’ve ever had ‘one of those days’ with student behavior in your ministry, then this workshop is for you!

E. Easter Ideas – Sue Richards

Ideas, resources, object lessons and crafts to enable you to reach children this Easter. Fun and giveaways.


Session 2. (2.20pm)

F. Help our Kids to Stay – Barb Totterdell and Leah Ellery

There’s a whole range of things that have been found to contribute towards children and young people growing in faith and staying connected to church. We will explore these together and reflect on how they might be implemented in our contexts.

G. Leading Children to Discipleship – David Goodwin

In this workshop, we will look at the most important things that children need to learn to grow in Christ.   We will also look at how to mentor children in their faith.  Several ideas will be presented on how you can set up an effective follow-up and discipleship program or method.

H. Supporting Children with Special Learning NeedsPaula Power

Not everyone learns in the same way. This presentation will provide strategies and accommodations that can be made to enhance the learning environment.

I. Games for your Children’s ministry – Sue Richards

Ideas, demos and resources for review games, games that teach, minute-to-win-its and fun group games for your ministry.

J. Magnify the Message – John & Ellie Macpherson

Develop a vibrant Bible story time using an integrated approach with dynamic elements of storytelling, music, drama and prayer.  A practical and enjoyable way to cater for different learning styles and help children to live the gospel.